New Year

eCoexist is moving out of Manisha’s house and into a small bungalow near the airport. It’s great news as it will allow everyone to be under one roof, in a proper office and there is room for the cloth workshop where the bags are made with the sewing machines as well as a storage area. Today, New Year’s Day, a puja or religious service was held there to bless the building and to give offerings towards an auspicious start for the New Year. Manisha’s father, Ramesh conducted the puja in Hindi and the offerings included fruit, incense, ghee, and flowers. All these are blessed and then thrown into the fire that is the centre of the puja. All the team was there, and lots of friends and assorted eCoexist advisors. The new office administrator Sunita, whose job description I wrote, advertised and then interviewed,  has recently joined and starts on Monday, came with her daughter.

It is a lovely thing to do, get together and have the team bless the building and the future of the team and their work there.  The place itself is very nice, with four separate rooms and will be a good place for the company to work and expand to the next level of business. It feels like 2011 will be a really good year for them.

I’ve only 2 months left in India! It feels strange that it is almost over – in some ways a year is very fast – and sometimes very slow. I’m looking forwards now to getting back to my own life in London, with my friends and family and getting back into the world of my own work! The feeling of coming full circle is helped too in that I’ve planned a few holidays from next week on until the end of February when I get back on a plane to Heathrow.  Time to reflect on all the experiences, memories, people and places, my own understanding, learning and broadening of knowledge of this amazing culture and country.



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