Delhi for another few days

Delhi has been a big shock to the senses, it is hot, dusty and very vibrant. It has many sides – and we are in the middle of them – as foreigners we criss cross over most of them! There is the wealthy successful Delhi where business and showbusiness meet, and those people are very glossy, with western clothes, nice voices and an education. And it is all about status still here, Rolex watches, big jewellery, SUVs. Then there is a strong artistic thread, with book signings or large hotels hosting art events,or a big centre called Habitat near here where everything is free. This “shining” India that they are promoting is so far from what you see in the streets or what we see here with the street dwellers, it is quite hard to comprehend and equate that this is a country where the disparity is like nothing we know. A Mother Teresa van was handing out rotis (flatbread) and dal nearby our residence, the ISI or Indian Social Insitute. All the kids hair is matted, they haven’t seen water for a long time or don’t have access to a tap. The little girls carry tiny babies, to make begging more successful. The babies don’t cry much, and the girls seem to take care with them. There is a temple near us, packed with devotees with garlands of flowers, chanting and it’s televised outside if no room inside! People were killed and maimed in the metro on Saturday as the crowds crushed forward when a train came in. The amazing thing here is how traditional Indian society still is. As I woman, I am glad to be going to a university town with lots of nationalities and young people. The volunteers don’t wear skirts for example, because no woman does. It is showing too much leg. You can get looked a lot, and the attention can be tiresome.  I have bought some tops (kurta) and cotton trousers that are long, as anything cropped or short stand out. We go to a shop called FabIndia that is raking it in. Something for everyone and quite trendy, it is in Kahn market, the more western market, there are all kinds of shops and where if you really want to buy Laughing Cow cheese triangles for a price, you can!
More soon………..Pune on Friday, I’m looking forward to going now.

3 Responses to “Delhi for another few days”

  1. Katherine Tulpa Says:

    Hi Alison,

    It’s wonderful that you’re keepiong a blog! I, so look forward to reading it on an ongoing basis, and hearing all about your experiences. I’m sure this will do doubt be a memorable period for you over the next twelve months, and a rich learning and development opportunity..Hope your trip to Pune went well.


  2. Greg Says:

    just wrote you nice long email only for blog to reject as hadn’t put in correct email address…. so now just a short one to say stay well, you’re lucky, we’re envious, and enjoy the ride… we’ll be in touch. g

  3. liz cashman Says:

    Alison, wonderful to get this report from you. The book club were all thinking of you earlier in the week and wondering how you were faring. I feel as though I am living India vicariously through you. Keep the updates coming. We miss you.


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